Son Goku (monkeyneedsfood) wrote in nft_nexus,
Son Goku


An invitation to War
(All further OOC announcements will be made in nft_ooc)

In case you haven't heard, there will soon be a march to battle against a certain Dr. Nii (heresy_is_sexy).

If you'd like to join the fight please do so. If you are worried that your pups would have no reason to join in, you can always assume that they have seen a large crowd forming in the nexus and have been asked by someone if they would like to join the fight. The more the Merrier we say.

Feel free to start at anytime. The mods are ready and able to play as long as necessary.

As for rules, once in the labs, you can PINpoint out at anytime, but you can only PINpoint back in to the lobby.

There are healers and resurrection-ists standing-by, but if you want to knock off a few pups that are gathering dust, well then that's all right too. (comment to this thread to let us know who you'd like to drop in, and if it's ok for them to die)

You are also welcome to join in with the villains, comment to this thread to receive your assignment.

Theoretically this is a rescue mission. Watch this comm, there will be a round up post when the army is set to march.

Finally ANY questions, comments or concerns should be made to this post.
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